Jun 25, 2012


Saturday -
Went to Coal with the team to celebrate Bill's 22nd. Had half a bottle of San Mig Green Apple then went straight to the hospital to pick girlfriend up from work. Headed to Save More to buy some groceries then went home. Slept before 6 pm.

Sunday -
Picked girlfriend up from work, ate lunch at home, had coffee and cake at Cafe Lidia, then had a bottle of San Mig Light at Yholk's.

Jun 22, 2012

Moonleaf date with bes, and kids these days

Instead of going straight home after work, I bought food at KFC for girlfriend's lunch. I was supposed to just drop by the hospital to give it to her but since they only had 2 patients left, I decided to wait for her end of shift in two hours at the hospital instead.

While waiting, I was able to reach a third of chapter 2 in my book, smoke at the store jut outside the bldg., slept a bit (around 30-minutes-ish), and think.

Ever since I went on vacation, my mind's been on overdrive. I can't stop thinking about the next days, weeks, months, years. It's exciting and frightening at the same time. But I'm just hoping things will work out in the end.

Anyway, when girlfriend finally clocked out,

Timed in at work today

and just as I entered the door going to the office, I smelled the stinking feeling of dread. I really thought I was going to WANT to come back to work after a long vacation. That was the reason why I wanted to turn in my resignation before I went on leave - because I was scared I wouldn't be able to do it when I came back 'cause I would miss doing something, working.

But as it turns out, the feeling was still the same. I still felt tired of the routine. I still didn't feel like I was actually doing any writing.

It's sad. But there are bills to pay. But. Once I get done with that and still don't get what I know (and countless people before me know) I deserve, I'm going. Will work with my tito for a bit and then get back to writing.

I will write. I don't yet know why I NEED to write. But I will.

Jun 21, 2012

Late lunch date

Picked girlfriend up from work today and brought her a Hakka Milk Tea from Moonleaf. I tried their new Apple Yogurt Milk Tea but I think it's a but fruity for my taste. It will do, but it's no Wintermelon.

Anyway, after surprising girlfriend, we decided on eating at Cafe Lidia. It felt like forever since we dined out. And because we were starving hyenas, I wasn't able to take any photos of the food (to awaken the hungry green-eyed monsters in you teehee). We devoured Lidia's famous Buffalo Wings, Pasta Bolognese (angel hair), and the House Special pizza. We also ordered Grandma's Chocolate Cake and Sansrival for dessert.

We'd like to think girlfriend and I are now able to work a system re: eating out. We will be sharing a pasta and a pizza or a main entree and an pasta, etc. It will all be about sharing from now on. I mean, yeah we also shared food before but we were very extravagant when it comes to dining out when in fact, we can make do with lesser spend rates and lesser fats and calories to take home.

So there. And oh, lookie what I saw on the newspaper - Heat, James take crucial 3-1 lead. And look at that sad sad sad look on girlfriend's face. Hihihi :)

Vacation hangover

The real world still hasn't sinked in. My body is physically here, in bed, lying around and waiting for sleep but my mind is somewhere else. Every time I look at the clock my thoughts race back to the exact same time in Boracay, a couple of days ago, yesterday... and then the whole scenery transports me back like an old movie.

I haven't even started unpacking.

Girlfriend already left for work earlier which is lucky for her because even when she thinks back into the carefree vacay, she got work to distract her. Unlike me, I am stuck in the room and willing, well, begging, actually, my body to start moving and stop thinking. But I can't help it. Well, at least, not yet.

In a while. In a bit. In an hour. In a day.

Hangovers just always suck. They are suckity suckity suck suckers. Blech.

Jun 20, 2012

That's a wrap

Finally got home. We stayed at naia for a lot longer to grab lunch before heading to the departure area so we won't have to pay all that extra for a non-metered fare taxi or the 70 peso flagdown rate taxi with 4 pesos per 300mts. And we got a cab almost instantly.

Unfortunately, we got stuck with a cab driver who I think didn't realize we knew the way home. Plus, he didn't know how to brake properly. I didn't feel like throwing up on the plane but the cab ride home makes me wish I had taken probably about 3 bonamine tablets. So, instead of going straight home, gf and I stopped by Starbucks in BluWave and had a couple of drinks. And it did make us feel a bit better.

Oh and also, WE FORGOT OUR TOOTHBRUSH AT THE HOTEL. We laughed about that a lot because while we were in the lobby and the crew was checking on the room, they asked us whether we wanted to still take the food we left but they didn't ask about our toothbrushes. We thought that was them telling us our brushes look so worn out that we intentionally left them there. So there.

Anyway, I am dead beat like seriously and I can't type well anymore. So good night for now, I guess.

(Btw, girlfriend bought me a pink capdase for my iPod - something she promised 3 months ago- and screen protector [shit I typed screensaver before correcting it to screen protector] 'cause I kinda scratched the old one. So new case, yeah, yay!)

Sleeeeeeeep is here. Will try to post something new tom.

Getaway day 4 breakfast in parts

Thought we would have to rush eating breakfast (because we'd wake up late and the shuttle that will pick us up will be at the lobby by ten) but thankfully, we woke up ahead of time and got to eat leisurely and even take photos of the hotel before we left.

So here's breakfast, and glimpses into the hotel as well.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

At Godofredo P. Ramos airport in Caticlan. We got in too early, our flight's at 12.55 and it's just 11 in the morning. We left Patio Pacific at 10 and we were here by 10.30. Wow.

Too bad though the two tv's here are strictly glued to news channels. We cannot watch the game boohoo. I bet the Shangri-La's Boracay Resorts & Spa and the Discovery Shores lounge allow their customers to watch the game. Boohoo.

Anyway, girlfriend is now reading (a hobby that I'm happy she has discovered through me), and when I finish this post and the next one I'll hopefully finish the January chapter of this book.

Checking out

Currently at the hotel's lobby. Will be traveling again in a bit, and hopefully girlfriend doesn't feel sick on the plane ride home.

Getting married in Boracay

After the police station, we dropped by the famous Jonah's for mango milk and avocado milk shakes, Ti Braz for the crepe and pasta, Starbucks for the coffee, and Willy's rock, and yes guys, my partner and I got married in Boracay.

No. Of course not. There was a wedding and when it was done, we asked if we could take a picture ubder their makeshift altar. Hihi.

Post anniv getaway day 4

It's almost 6am and in a few hours we'll be getting ready to say goodbye to this beautiful island.

But let me just tell you about yesterday. Parasailing and a day at the police station. Well, not an entire day but just a couple of hours cause the good guys over at the station resolved everything quickly. And by the way, they are some of the nicest, sincere, helpful, and thoughtful policemen we've met. Really no comparison with the ones we have back in Manila. But anyway, PARASAILING.

It was scary at first but when we were hoisted up so freaking high (we got to see at least 3 of the beaches in Boracay, I think) it was a kind of high any alcoholic drink or drug can get you. Well, no not exactly, it was that kind of high minus the hangover and headache. Oh wait well a bit of the headache. We both got a little tipsy when we got down. But hey, worth it to see all that - with my best friend.