Jul 29, 2011

Just about

to go home. Wanted to make at least one post for this work day. It's an hour and a half after my end of shift. This is actually the first time I had to render overtime because I did actually have to work on a copy. (The last time I spent more than an hour past my EOS was when I waited for my friends so we could go out for a quick breakfast.)

And it's...fanciful. Delightful, really. Oh no I'm turning into my workaholic self again. *cringe*

Jul 28, 2011

For the past

day, and the past hour, as promised, I was trying to revamp portions of my blog. I started with the little layout adjustments on the "Gadgets" and linking other blogs took most of my time.

Instead of creating a new post - sharing a story, a link, or a picture, I ended up blog-hopping. And it was so weird how a lot of things have changed.

When I started blogging in 2004, most blogs contained a lot of personal stuff. Like posts about what went on in their busy day or musings of a highly-emotional teen. The blogs I was exposed to before contained mostly words, words, and more words. Now, everybody, it seemed, HAD to put pictures with the words. A picture of the street they were at, food they ate, people they were with...it's so cute and fun to see how the blog world has changed.

And lucky me, I also found a lot of blogs on writing, poetry, fast fiction. I'm a confessed word-aholic and I just love love love reading creatives. I sometimes wish I could do just that - you know, get a continuous flow of creatives, of lyric, dying to get out of my system.

I really hope my time for writing isn't up. Please.

It's been

a really rainy day. That's why I decided to wear pants to work. I'm usually in a dress or a skirt but this gloomy weather makes me miss pajamas and boxers.

And I would post a picture but since I'm at work while writing this, I can't just plug my phone and upload any photo. I'd be dead even before I get to save the picture. Haha.

Also, because of the rains, girlfriend decided to give me a ride to work. And treat me out for dinner. And wait in the car for 9 hours while I spend the time 17 floors away, writing like a mad man (woman). Ain't she just the sweetest? Lol.

We ate Chelos at Mister Kabab in Ortigas (because trust me, we can never have enough of their garlic sauce) and the place was really clean and cozy. They still have the same tables and chairs like in their West Ave branch but they added cushioned benches by the windows and little sofa chairs. It's just sad there wasn't a smoking area but that's a small price to pay for (again) their heavenly garlic sauce.

Jul 26, 2011

One of the

things that I'm truly thankful for because of the internet are links to LGBT books, authors, poets and article/essay excerpts. I've been spending almost the whole half of my shift (because, really, based on my work log, the longest I had to spend for my tasks this day was 0:40 minutes) on Autostraddle.

It's "News, Entertainment, Opinion, and Girl-on-Girl Culture" at it's finest. I'm yet to discover everything on the site but from the articles I've read, I've been getting a lot more insight about lesbian current events and lesbians-to-read in pop culture and not.

I especially love Pure Poetry Week under The+Goods section and Books section under Arts+Entertainment. It's a struggle to look for lesbian poetry books and fiction/non-fiction books here in the Philippines. Looking at the Gay Section in a bookstore gives you rows and rows of gay literature, specifically targeting the "G" in the LGBT community. Rarely do you find Philippine Lesbian literature.

In my 23 years of living, I've had a glimpse of 2 lesbian books (both from friends), one lesbian-themed children's book (found on the internet) and was able to buy just one - Women Loving (stories and a play) by Jhoanna Lynn Cruz. Though short, it was a really good collection.

And since it was my first "book" I researched and even emailed the author whom, to my surprise, sent a personal reply back. I felt warm and tingly all over, reading her very kind and welcoming words. (Though I'm not sure I was able to write back. *sad face*)

But I promise I will, in the same way I promised to finally finally write a lesbian short story/poem collection. Cross your fingers for me!

My knees

are shaking and my hands are trembling and my head is slightly aching. We just experienced a really bad earthquake at around a quarter past 1 this morning, Manila time.

We're at the 17th floor of our office. And frankly, I have no idea how to react except to just sit and continuously mumble in my head "Oh God no, please no."

The last time I experienced one was when I was in first year high school. We were in our classroom and at the 2nd floor of our building when the shaking started. Since it was taught during the earthquake drill that we're supposed to wait out the first shaking before going down, we did. And it was the scariest 5 minutes of my life. Plus the fact that our teacher told us, while holding one of my classmates' hands: "If we die, we die." Not really at all assuring when heard as a 13-year old freshman.

Anyway. We're all jut hoping there aren't any aftershocks. I'm really really scared. All I could think of was Kacy. And how I don't have her hand to hold.


"Will I date a man again? No, I REALLY doubt it. Why? Firstly, I have a girlfriend who can manhandle me, I love her and I’ve trapped her in the basement with food/water to assure she never leaves me. Secondly, I don’t think I’m attracted to MEN, I liked boys a lot better when I was younger and they were younger and still looked like girls."

By Sappho

"Some say the finest thing on this coal-black earth
Is a fleet of ships or an infantry of men
I say it is that which you love
above all else."

Jul 25, 2011

I am

back. I've always been meaning to write more here. And whenever I attempt to create a post for three consecutive days, I'm pretty sure what would follow next are empty promises of "write you later" or "will blog more later." thus, I've realized how relative the term "later" and "sooner" is for me. 

I'm sorry. I'm a big pathetic sad and lazy excuse for a blogger. Considering I've started rambling here for, I dunno, the past 7 years? Oh, okay, almost 7 years - it's just July 2011 so I'm 2 months shy of that 7th year celebration of sorts for this blog.

Also, notice how I keep on referring to this blog as "this" and not "my" blog? I feel I'm doing some sort of betrayal by using the former but I just can't help but think how so many things have changed in my life...that this blog was not privy to. But I promise to try to change things.

Blogger has been so good to me and this blog has been a constant companion through those tough times in my past. Let me make it up to you. Starting with this post. 

Jul 23, 2011

“Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.” ~Dale Carnegie