Jul 12, 2006

im sick

im so super tired. im sick and i still have work in about an hour and 15mins. yay!

this is too hard. i don't ever want to have such sickness ever again. i woke up yesterday feeling so bad and i was only able to get up of my bed just to call matt and tell him im sick and ask him to call the hr. yes, i went to work half day yesterday. and when i got to work, i felt a bit better almost after shift but when i got home in the afternoon, bam! there goes m headache again. and now im really really hot. literally, of course. tugsh!

the only reason i logged in to the net is to look fo rthe lyrics to songs and half the songs i want to look for ive already forgotten. how bad could that be? now im stuck and im still missing one more song.

anyways, HAPPY BIRTHWEEK to my baby mattie! hehe...i promised this before and now i am finally fulfilling one of my little promises for you. i really hope you'll like it. i love you so much and that won't change, ever. *smile*

Jul 6, 2006

all i'd need is black

bg: oo - up dharma down
*i just love listening to her voice. ang lamig sobra. it gives me the creeps. in a good way, though.

i already started going to school just last Monday afternoon and it actually feels good to be back within those four walls of...uhh...education? haha. and i actually like my professors this time. even if it's this 3hours subject and it gets a bit boring with all the paperworks and discussions and i get a bit sleepy, it actually feels great. (with that said, a big THANK YOU to my baby mattie!)

on other absurd thoughts:

1. why is it i feel so free when squishing my toes in the sand?

i like the feeling of squishing my toes deeper and deeper into the sand and still, it seems as if it does not end. no matter how deep i go, no matter how squished i felt my toes were, there was still sand beneath all it. and i actually feel free when doing that. it's actually ironic because, when you think of it, you are actually 'trapped' in the sand in a way, right? but there is still liberty in the thought that you can actually move around it all, just continue squishing and squishing and squishing. plus, it's a great exfoliant.

2. i'll breath for you, like a new tattoo - urbandub

i'd love to have the whole of my back tattooed. and i'm picturing it would have an abstract design as a centerpiece then it'd be filled with words and words, flowing with poetry of the uncalculable mind of a lady-in-waiting. i want something permanent. i want something non-erasable.

3. if the world is perfect, they wouldn't make pencils with erasers anymore

and i used to love erasers before. i used to collect them in different shapes and sizes. but the thing is, i don't like using them. i don't like smudging them to correct past mistakes, past mistakes put on paper. one can never unwrite something. it just simply can't happen. "whatever's writ cannot be unwrit" i just like the clean look of a brand-new eraser - the purity of its being entices me so much. if there was an award for being good at keeping erasers clean back in grade school, i'd have won.

4. a clean canvass

im ready to paint life unto a clean canvass. im ready to take hold of the paint brush and smudge it with reds, blues, pinks, oranges, greens, violets, teals, mauves, yellows, fuschias, indigos, golds, crimsons, aquamarines, azures, turquoises, siennas, ambers, carmines, carrots, celadons, cornflower blues, cyans, olives, scarlets, heliotropes, jades, khakis, mustards, lemon creams, olive drabs, orchids, plums, pumpkins, tennes, tangerines, wisteria, vermilions, viridians...id have it all on that clean canvass. all i need is black.

*for 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, id have them all posted a bit later.

i already have to go to work sp id have to sign off already. bye.

"coz it's you and me
and all of the people with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and i don't kno why
i can't keep my eyes off of you."
-you and me, lifehouse