Nov 20, 2011

Wordless Weekend

Congratulations to my sister!

And here she is with her coffee cup

Cutest youngest sister

And this little girl who wanted to have her picture taken beside this fountain

Alexei's Again!

Bes picked me up from work yesterday. She had a 6am-2pm schedule and I had midnight-whenever. So since I knew that I was gonna stay late at the office anyway, I decided to wait for her instead. (Even if she got stuck in a bad case of slow-moving traffic and I had sudden init ng ulo bursts.) 

When I finally got in the car, and our petty argument was settled, the first thing we both said was "Gutom ka na?" We decided we were both in for another round of satisfyingly good meal at Alexei's so that's where we headed.

I ordered the Seafood Aligue pasta again but it wasn't available :( so they recommended their Chicken Penne. Bes ordered the Beef Stroganoff (again - you see, we don't get over good food really quick) and we also tried the famed Alexei burger. And this time, we stayed inside so I could take pictures of ze place!

Nov 16, 2011


This is the saddest news I've heard/read all week.

"We are dragon parents: fierce and loyal and loving as hell. Our experiences have taught us how to parent for the here and now, for the sake of parenting, for the humanity implicit in the act itself, though this runs counter to traditional wisdom and advice."
- Notes from a Dragon Mom, The NY Times

Nov 15, 2011

Alexei's Diner & Cafe

Bes picked me up from work earlier so we could grab a quick lunch before she goes to work and I head home to sleep. So we \went straight to Marikina and decided to just have a really late lunch at one of those quaint little cafes. I'm a big fan of the Marikina Food Trip blog and that's where I learned about all these great Marikina food finds (I've listed as a to do in my listography - not even halfway through this list) and one of which, is Alexei's Diner & Cafe.

Nov 13, 2011

Nov 9, 2011

Nov 6, 2011

The Bet

I am getting fat and it's not healthy. My stomach's all big and heavy and doesn't really agree with my arms, boobs, and legs. K, on the other hand, is so thin you'd think she wouldn't even have the strength to walk. for real.

So we have this bet going on. We'll each measure how much we weigh on November and again in February. (Originally, it was January but I though of all the glorious holiday feasts so...) Whoever gains/loses more weight wins.

And, here's how much we weigh (November 5, 2011)
I am at 114.

she's at 94.

I am heavier by 20 kilos flat. Holy holy holy.

If I win, she doesn't cut her hair for 6 months. If I lose, she gets to keep my payroll atm card for 6 months. It's fair, really. I like her hair long and not having my source of cash for those crap I continually feed myself with is the only thing that'll make me want to win.

Crap. Good luck to me. And her. But to me more! :D