Nov 20, 2011

Alexei's Again!

Bes picked me up from work yesterday. She had a 6am-2pm schedule and I had midnight-whenever. So since I knew that I was gonna stay late at the office anyway, I decided to wait for her instead. (Even if she got stuck in a bad case of slow-moving traffic and I had sudden init ng ulo bursts.) 

When I finally got in the car, and our petty argument was settled, the first thing we both said was "Gutom ka na?" We decided we were both in for another round of satisfyingly good meal at Alexei's so that's where we headed.

I ordered the Seafood Aligue pasta again but it wasn't available :( so they recommended their Chicken Penne. Bes ordered the Beef Stroganoff (again - you see, we don't get over good food really quick) and we also tried the famed Alexei burger. And this time, we stayed inside so I could take pictures of ze place!

the huge cute clock

warm and cozy first floor

the mezzanine

framed old logos adorn the walls of the stairs

daylight-lit 2nd floor

view from the top

The place was HUGE! I mean, not huge-huge but it was definitely not what I pictured the inside of the diner would be. They had really cute knicknacks here and there - an old telephone, old beer and soda logos, stacks of books (i'm not sure if customers were allowed to browse through some), and more! 

The food arrived just after I was almost done walking around the entire place (we were the only customers that time so I wasn't my usual anti-social shy kid with a camera phone). And my, it was so good I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before digging in. *burp*

Spicy(!!!) Chicken Penne

Alexei's Burger

and my happy girlfriend's Beef Stroganoff (or pieces of it, anyway)

We were a really busog couple that night. And I can't believe we went to Alexei's twice in one week! Heh. I am in love with the food, the cozy interior, and I am sold with the wide smoking area. Sorreh.