Jan 28, 2006


its another saturday morning with a lot of things to do but there's nothing ive really done.

i was just browsing throug blogskins.com for anoter skin..hee..dont get me wrong..im just so complicated. i cant figure out what i really want even if my life depended on it. i take so long making decisions. even when im just eating lunch, i take more than the time it takes for matt to finish his food. its kind of annoying but in the end its all worth it, seeing as to how my decisions (final as in ung decided na talaga ako..teehee) have worked out.

anyway, i just must MUST recommen tis site - http://www.deviantart.com. look it up.

so, ive only got 15 mins before this pc starts to sut down and not let me sae anyting ive downloaded on my photobucket. omg! i forgot to ceck my ym...anyway il try that later.


Jan 20, 2006

i miss. i miss.

ok. so ive changed my layout for like, 4 times already?..wait, no. this is the fifth time. im still waiting for kl to polish the "requiem etcetera".. sigh. *thanks kl! muah!*

anyways, i was actually planning on playing dota earlier but since the pcs are still malfunctining, tadah! i decided to refresh my blog so as i can put another post.

so there. ive been thumbing through my friends' pictures and profiles at friendster and ive realized how much ive missed them. especially my bes-es in baguio. *huhu* im really hoping i could get back there soon. i mean, go there for a vacation and visit you guys. aww.

btw, i read ate huni's blog and there was a post she copied on dadi pete's blog which is about thanking her and all. it was sweet. if you've ever met dadi pete, jusko! di mo aakalaing xa gumawa. hehe. miss you 2!

i miss tabak. ive learned so much. i was taught so much. dont worry, ipinapagpatuloy ko pa rin ang sining ng masa kahit sa maliliit na paraan na kaya ko. mahal ko tabak.

aww. i suddenly have the urge to just leave my things unpacked and trek back to baguio (with matt, of course).

sigh. im overwhelmed with...i dont know. miss-sickness? sigh.

Jan 6, 2006

i want a new template..HELP

ok. i sooo want to make a mosaic on my own. swear. because processing the pictures and sending them to kL is going to take such long time and i really want to give it to him as soon as possible. aside from that, i want my gift to be made by me. get? i really really want my gifts to be personalized. especially gifts for him. sigh.


so there. it's friday. as if you don't already know. and it's my pe.e day! *frustrated sigh* at the start of the sem i was really excited in attending my p.e. class since hello?! it's badminton?! then now...i dunno. i guess the excitement died away when we were forever hitting that tiny cock back and forth while the sweat was gripping my whole body tighter and tighter til i can't breathe and...aaakk! oops.

where can i find user-friendly sites that showcase delicious templates? i mean, i know there are tens to hundreds of sites for that but i can't find anything that will suit my disorganized blog. wait. maybe i just can't do all those blog designing stuff. heeeelp!


Jan 4, 2006

the holidays

it was the day the snow started to fall... and it was only hours away before my window gets so misted i wouldn't be able to see the going-ons outside.

okay. that was wishful thinking. but i just was still wondering how it would be if it really snowed in our country. i mean, wow! instead of the overwhelming trash we always see scattered on out little streets, it will be snow! it will be filled with tiny white pieces of ice! well okay the trash will just be buried underneath that but still, right?

i don't know but i have this obsession with snow during the holidays. i mean, aside from the carolelrs and the blinking houses because of their twinkling lights all over the walls, it was the white snow on the rockefeller plaza on the today show on etc that makes me feel that truly, it IS the holidays already! time for simbang gabi and bibingka and goto or lugaw.

speaking of simbang gabi, i was,again (ehem), able to complete those nine morning masses. plus, iw as with my boyfriend the whole time so it made the going-to-church a whole different experience from last year. i love you so much bading.

so there. today is the start of classes nga pala. CONDOLENCE to all those who really hate going to school and attending their subjects with mean professors who to be honest really just makes them sleep. but hey, why do some people altogether despise going to school? i love going to school! seriously. and not just because of the allowance. really.

belated happy new year everbody!