Jan 28, 2006


its another saturday morning with a lot of things to do but there's nothing ive really done.

i was just browsing throug blogskins.com for anoter skin..hee..dont get me wrong..im just so complicated. i cant figure out what i really want even if my life depended on it. i take so long making decisions. even when im just eating lunch, i take more than the time it takes for matt to finish his food. its kind of annoying but in the end its all worth it, seeing as to how my decisions (final as in ung decided na talaga ako..teehee) have worked out.

anyway, i just must MUST recommen tis site - http://www.deviantart.com. look it up.

so, ive only got 15 mins before this pc starts to sut down and not let me sae anyting ive downloaded on my photobucket. omg! i forgot to ceck my ym...anyway il try that later.