Feb 5, 2006

i love you for God-knows-how-long

i just finished playing dota with matt.. and im currently changing the outfit of his avatar on yahoo so im letting him write here for just this once.

actually, i don't know what i should write here because im not into blogs and other stuff like this.. hala byh, sori po.. bsta i just want everyone to know how much i am in love with loreen.. i rili dnt know why up to now........

so aun.. i got stuck up with that last sentence so i asked her to take a look at what ive written.. enxa po tlga byh... cge n nga kaw nlng kausapin ko.. so aun.. byh, im so sorry for what happened earlier.. i know that you are still mad at me... im really really sorry... bati n po tau.. ndi ko po sinasadya.. haiii... lam mo nman po n ndi ko kaya n wala k db? as ive said, mas kelangan kita kesa s khet anong bagay including a once in a lifetime game 7 basketball match.. sorry po tlga.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..


so, sweet or super cheesy mushy? well i don't care what you think, of course. i just want the whole world to know that i have a truly loving boyfriend who is, albeit sometimes insensitive and may seem not to be appreciative of the things i do for him (hmmm...), always there for me no matter what. and, i will always be in love with you. i will always stay in love with you, regardless of all the things the world has thrown our way.


you know what? he typed that thing above for the time it took for me to create 5 favorite avatars for his email add AND create 3 for mine. teehee. it didn't annoy me at all. i was actually pleased to know he's taken time to carefully type things he wanted to say to me, afraid of small imperfections, of small mistakes..and it was just sweet. :)