Apr 12, 2005


sa bawat mong pag-indak

sa musikang mahalimuyak,
naglalandi ang bawat mong galaw
na siyang nagsindi sa init ng aking balintataw.

mga panahong limot na at bura na sa alaala,
nagbabalik na tila pa multo ng tadhana.

sa pagbalot ngayon ng lamig ng lumuluhang langit,
naghihintay na lamang ako sa pamamaalam
na iyong binanggit -
kasawiang huli sa pagdating,
kalayaang kapos ng mga dingding.


it's already 3.31 am in the morning and i am having fun searching downelink. thanks a lot el.

Apr 8, 2005


blood red roses
i'll give you
take me away
to that place which souls call home

take me away
take me

let's go...

Apr 7, 2005


The College Editors Guild of the Philippines strongly condemns the blatant disregard of the Macapagal Arroyo regime towards the lives and welfare of mainstream journalists, which resulted into the third journalist murder of the year, Tacurong City journalist Marlene Garcia Esperat.

The incapability of the Arroyo regime to protect mainstream journalists, whose lives are constantly under threat because of the powerful people and interests they clash with as they do their job, has resulted into a regime of silent terror masquerading as peace and order. Media serves as a refuge of the people when the state, due to corruption, has failed to serve their interests. Yet, people in the mainstream are prevented from doing their duties under the threat of repression, and even death. As journalists fear for their lives, press freedom is rendered as a right written on paper, but never enjoyed.

Twenty journalists have been slain in 2002 and 2003, and if we follow the trend this year, more or less there will be more than 10 journalists slain by the end of the year. Unless this is stopped and the perpetrators, regardless of their position in society, are brought to justice, President Arroyo will confirm what her so- called terrorists have been saying all along: government policy is anti-people.

We, along with our colleagues in the mainstream press, demand President Arroyo to resolve these threats towards press freedom. Justice, not just for Esparat, but also for the families of increasing number of journalists murdered within the Arroyo regime is imperative. The killing of journalists must stop, and their lives given the value they properly deserve. Unless all of these conditions are fulfilled, President Arroyo risks not just the ire of both the mainstream and the campus press, but also the people the press serves.

Jose Cosido
National President

National Office
812-A Basilio St., Sampaloc
Manila, Philippines
Telefax: (632) 493 0082
Email: cegpnational@yahoo.com
Members e-group: guilders2001@yahoogroups.com

Apr 3, 2005

a serious case of nostalgia

i still long for your...

eyes that reveal so little yet so much at the same time

smile that make me think of things yet untold but is persistently shown

kiss that brought me syrupy bliss


you were the only girl ive loved more than my life.


yadno...w8...it's yadsuet n pla...

i am currently chatting with my bestfriend beans, whom i haven't spend that much time with. but i guess we (her, me and rons) pretty much made up for it if you consider those two whole days we spent together when i visited them last week. ah i really miss them.

oo nga pla, im using matt's net card...thanks 'tol bawi me nx tym... :)

anyways, i wrote this poem after i read ung song ng phantom of the opera na all i ask of you...w8 post ko lang...

please tell me that you need me
each morning and each night
and forever yours i'll be,
we'd experience no more darkness,
only light.
please tell me that you love me,
that's all i ask of you
say you will take care of me,
you'll take away my blue.
i need you here beside me
you know that i do.
let's share one lifetime,
one love that's true.


i can't stop thinking about elyon and our missed chances. sigh. maybe ill write about it...maybe i won't. pero...if ever anyone's reading this...i just have to tell you man, i miss her like damn crazy.

Apr 1, 2005

part of the unseen

the streets are crowded with all the dust
so pass me the knife, if you must.
i'll give you roses the color of blood
and carve you upside-down rainbowsafter the flood.
we'll shoot the stars and reign them in,
stare at them until the madness begins.

dreams galore

i hate it when i dream. wait, let me rephrase that....what i mean is, i hate it when i wake up from a dream. because the moment i open my eyes, the dream is gone. poof! just like that. i mean, hey, i wanna know what i've dreamt about, right? grr...take today, for example. i had a really looong dream. (i knew this because i just know okay?) 

anyways, so there, i was having this dream and then my dad woke me up and kablam! it's liek my dreams are on a bubble and once i gain my conscious self, the bubble's pricked and i lose whatever it is my subconscious mind is trying to tell me. sigh.

it doesn't mean that because i want to know what my dreams are, i'm this totally superstitious girl who'd rather interpret her dreams than go on and live reality.

but who defines 'reality' anyway? who says reality is made up of all things concrete? 'shit-boring nonchalant life,' more like.


i am so bummed...i got nothing to do...absolutely nothing...grrr.

anyways, enxa kung ang tgal ko mkpgpost...ngloloko xe ung pc nmen kya eto pmnta p ako ng gowee pra lang mkpgnet...anyways, aun...tpos na ang easter pro... happy easter pdn! hehehe...nga pla, was na kme ni meme ko at my ppkilala daw cna dana at ate annah ko...ewan...pro anyways...aun...hai hai la na ako mgwa...w8 lang...pristontale lng muna ko sndle ha?? :D

ai w8 nga pla, hi sa bez kong si eiler...hayup kah!nkkgulat at bgla kng npadpad s bhay nmen kgbe...hehe...pro slamt bez...ahmishoo! ahlabshoo! muah muaH!