Dec 24, 2005

xmas 05

ok so it's more or less two hours before xmas and everyone's in panic mode. my younger cousin, benjo, is beside me talking about frozen throne...ok he just left. anyways, we're at my tita maya's house and everyone is doing something except my lolo..oh wait he's watching tv pala.

by the way, we watched a xmas video taped by my tito ed way way back in 1996. haha! 9 years can just imagine the people here roaring in laughter while watching us "older kids"(<--redundant 'no?) make a fool out of ourselves dancing and singing our hearts out. it was the time of the "get down" dance popularized by some boyband whose name i forgot. well, im not sure if it was the bb boys or nsync. well, it was really pretty embarassing. but you can just imagine the look on my other younger cousin who's really binata na daw kuno when he saw himself 9 years younger and playing uto-uto to all those grown-ups before. haha. good times.

well, it's near xmas time and to be honest, itw asn't like any other xmas ive had before. because before, just as dec.16 comes around, i get pretty excited with the midnight of 24. let me give you a clear picture of our family during xmas:

every relative on my father's side gathers round the xmas tree after having a sumptuous xmas supper. then, the kids will be counting the hours then the minutes and watch in fascination as the hour and minute hand both point at 12. then, these little kids wait their turn as one by one they are being called by their eldest cousin to receive their different gifts. after which, the little kids retreat to their beds, smiling and content; while the adults stay up late drinking and merrying.

yep. we are the traditional filipino family on the eve of xmas. (oh wait, i forgot the going-to-church part, we do that also.)

we are doing that still but the excitement of opening the gifts and eating the served dishes didn't seem so appealing to me now. i don't know. maybe because ive put my focus this xmas on some things else. well, some ONE else, for that matter. but im not complaining. i love for us to spend this xmas together. i culdn't really imagine being with anyone else this holiday season.

happy xmas eve everyone!

Dec 20, 2005

this is the MOSAIC

Image hosted by

yes. this is kL's work. this is her almigty mosaic. nice right?

these are the prices: P150--- no print(put in a cd... provide your own cd... additional payment if you dont provide cd: P10) ... with print depends on the size, but the smallest (1 coupon bond paper) P200--- print (black and white)... P230--print(colored)

send me a shout out and send me the pics through email.. kL: me:

take care. kL! ung sinasabi ko sayo ha?! love you!!

Dec 6, 2005


ok so my page could not be displayed by this obsolete computer. i know, i know, i just gave this newly-installed pcs praises last week but im craving for the old pcs back. why would they not open my page? how am i supposed to know if this post im creating will actually appear on my "lost" page? grr.

by the way, ive opened an account at ko na ang matt sa matalarana hehehehe...also, ive visited kL's page yesterday and i have high praises for it! nice i swear..oh and another thing, she's doing "mosaics" for a cheap price...i don't know anything about that mosaic thingie...but since she asked me to tell people about it, o decided posting it in my if people read this no?

but seriously, kL!! ano ba ung mosaic?ung libro sa english ng ue na ngaun eh kumakalat na sa ibang university within u-belt na napakamahal para sa presyo niya na kung tutuusin eh puro review nga lang naman talaga?? sigh.

Dec 1, 2005

theatric calls of the insane

nang nangako kang
sungkitin ang mga tala
at ibigay sa mahal mo,
hindi mo naman sinabing
para sa akin ang mga ito.
basta mo lang inabot,
walang sabi sabi,
tumalikod at nanahimik sa tabi.
malay ko ba namang
nagluluksa ka pala
sa nauna mong pag-ibig
na ako ang sumira.
di ko naman sadya
na yakapin ka
at akalaing para sa akin
ang mga talang hinukay
ng nagsusugat mong mga kamay.

sinulatan mo ang papel
na tinabi ko mula pa
nung bata ako.
yun na nga lang ang natira
sa mga alaalang
ako n lang ang nakaalala
at nakapagtago.

watch the dancer's silhouttes
glide and sway and slide

to the music of the arizona
where you hear the chirps
and squishes of little feet
and after which
the growl of the satisfied beast.

hear the conductor's wand
swish and splash and swash

to create a harmony of the hues
with the whites and oranges and reds
and the greens of the sky
and blues of the earth.

taste the bittersweetness
of the operatic voices

to feel the fairlessness
with the magic touch
of the soothingly smooth


new pcs

hah! ue has just got their computers in the internet rooms upgraded...and i am having the time of my life surfing the net. they've already got all the windows in xp mode, plus..their cpu's nice and sleek, too. it's really about 5 inches thin. ill try to get the model, wait. acer veriton 3700GX.. i don't know if that's the right name but that's what's written on it's side panels chenelou.

so there. i was just browsing through my list of friends in friendster and i realized i've completely forgotten some of them. bad bad. also, ive completely forgotten people really do celebrate their birthdays.. the reason i had to send dozens of HAMBERDAY make up for my amnesia.. :)

so there..ive still got 3 hours left before my class..bummer. i just wish these new pcs can be downloaded with yahoo messenger. mas mabuti pa ata ung bulok nilang pc pwede dun eh.