Dec 24, 2005

xmas 05

ok so it's more or less two hours before xmas and everyone's in panic mode. my younger cousin, benjo, is beside me talking about frozen throne...ok he just left. anyways, we're at my tita maya's house and everyone is doing something except my lolo..oh wait he's watching tv pala.

by the way, we watched a xmas video taped by my tito ed way way back in 1996. haha! 9 years can just imagine the people here roaring in laughter while watching us "older kids"(<--redundant 'no?) make a fool out of ourselves dancing and singing our hearts out. it was the time of the "get down" dance popularized by some boyband whose name i forgot. well, im not sure if it was the bb boys or nsync. well, it was really pretty embarassing. but you can just imagine the look on my other younger cousin who's really binata na daw kuno when he saw himself 9 years younger and playing uto-uto to all those grown-ups before. haha. good times.

well, it's near xmas time and to be honest, itw asn't like any other xmas ive had before. because before, just as dec.16 comes around, i get pretty excited with the midnight of 24. let me give you a clear picture of our family during xmas:

every relative on my father's side gathers round the xmas tree after having a sumptuous xmas supper. then, the kids will be counting the hours then the minutes and watch in fascination as the hour and minute hand both point at 12. then, these little kids wait their turn as one by one they are being called by their eldest cousin to receive their different gifts. after which, the little kids retreat to their beds, smiling and content; while the adults stay up late drinking and merrying.

yep. we are the traditional filipino family on the eve of xmas. (oh wait, i forgot the going-to-church part, we do that also.)

we are doing that still but the excitement of opening the gifts and eating the served dishes didn't seem so appealing to me now. i don't know. maybe because ive put my focus this xmas on some things else. well, some ONE else, for that matter. but im not complaining. i love for us to spend this xmas together. i culdn't really imagine being with anyone else this holiday season.

happy xmas eve everyone!