Dec 28, 2006

life stress

i was, for the nth time so on the verge of freaking out. i am just so tired and i feel so stressed. it's not even legal in some states for me to work and i have job stress! good luck with that.

i just hope i do start realizing and actually wake up knowing when spontaneity ends and responsibility begins.

Dec 18, 2006

I just finished reading some of the blogs i managed to tag with mine because they were uber nice. And i cant quite try to fill my page with words because i know i wouldn't be able to write half as good as what they have. I write simply because. On the other hand, they write because. These people have got something to say, a lot to say and they can say it outright outloud without having all those ideas jampacked into their brightly lit minds not knowing where to start. No.

I feel a bit quesy about not having something to say. Or write, that is. I wasn't such a blabbermouth. I felt like keeping to myself almost all the time when i was a kid, i had my books, my papers, my pencil (we weren't allowed to use pens before sa school so i wasn't allowed to use pens at home either) and i was so happy that after reading a book in one sitting i would start jotting down these little things in my head that just kept on dripping from me like water from a tipped glass. But now i feel like the glass has been done with such refinished touches that it's not only shock-proof but also..gtg...

Dec 4, 2006

to mumble

out of the sample servings of fantasies
i live our bittersweet realities...
a touch of magic inspired,
a flick of kisses and enchanting demands
cat fights and bull sessions we have in store,
panic-stricken and some *** galore.
id never change whats meant to be
we'd forever be the daintest quaintest
stars in this starland of tranquility.

sigh. i love you a million starfish.
and a million pink m&m's.
and a million strawberry shortcakes.
and a million meatball spaghetti.
and a million spicy squids.
and a million vanilla milkshakes.
oops, im getting hungry.
i love you my baby!
i love you my baby starboy blue!