Jan 20, 2013

WanderrGirl Blogging Prompt 2: List 5 things you dare to do this 2013

Over the years, I have become quite a "listographer" - apart from making lists on the site (Listography), I have continuously scribbled lists and lists and lists of a few hundred things. In fact, when looking at old notebooks and journals, what stands out the most are the lists of things I have intended to do. 

Unfortunately, not all the items listed down have been crossed out. Some of the lists I made were:
25 things to do while I'm 25
Marikina restaurants to visit
30-Day Challenges
Daily to-do's
Craft supplies to hoard (ay, BUY pala)
Writing prompts
Birthday party ideas
...it just goes on and on and on.

It's taken me until now to figure out why I cannot seem to check off ALL the items on my list - these aren't DOABLE DARES.

I mean, yeah sure there's the occasional "reach for the stars if you fail you'll land on the clouds" type of dares. But seriously, seriously, seriously. It's like what I want to do is just so far out or it's something I just never have the guts to actually start doing. (Because of time constraints, wallet empty woes, later-na-lang attitude... in short, MAKA-RASON LANG.) Imagine, I have been listing "travel to Paris" in almost all my lists tapos WALA NAMAN AKONG PASSPORT! Hahaha. It's funny but at the same time it's really really sad.  I guess it's just that I've been stuck in the same routine ever since I started studying/working/living.  

So now let's do things a bit (a LOT) differently. Ready?

There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself. -- Michael F. Staley


Jan 12, 2013

WanderrGirl Blogging Prompt 1: Write about your DREAM JOB.

What's your dream job?

“A dream job is a job that combines your talents and passions in a way that is meaningful to YOU.” (The Definition of a Dream Job, Pete Leibman) 

I find myself stuck at this question. All I knew was that I wanted to write. That was it. I didn't think of anything else but that. So when I was asked this, I was at a complete loss for a totally detailed answer.

So, Dream Job, eh?

Jan 2, 2013