Oct 22, 2011


I was really craving for isaw for, I guess, more than a month now. So when a couple-friend asked us if we wanted to join them for isaw at Aling Rosie's, girlfriend and I gamely agreed. 1, because, AGAIN, I was craving for isaw. And 2, (this reason she doesn't actually know), because I wanted to get out of the house and spend time with my friends.

I know, I know. When you get into a relationship it doesn't mean you shut the door off on your friends. But I'm really not the type to go lounging around in coffee shops and shopping in malls and drinking in bars with other people anymore. I've been reduced to this I'll-go-if-girlfriend-goes type. It's one of the signs of co-dependence, I know, but don't worry. I am still the same independent, non-submissive, totally assertive person. I just choose3 to spend most of my time with her. 

So anyway, our couple-friend, girlfriend's brother, girlfriend, and I went to Aling Rosie's for sticks and sticks and sticks of isaw ng baboy, isaw ng manok, and dugo. Yuuuum.

(Source: Calvalcade)

*Posting a picture to people who haven't seen/heard/tasted (BOO!) isaw befpre :) And also, for those people who have and love it and I'm pretty sure will crave/are craving for it too. :P

After Aling Rosie's, girlfriend and I took them to a nearby place for amazingly yummy milk teas - Moonleaf Tea Shop, of course!

Girlfriend and I were big fans of this tea shop ever since it first opened it's store in Magiting St., near the famed Maginhawa St. And even when they opened a much bigger store in Maginhawa, we still get our teas in the original store. And since we live in Marikina, we get our tea fix not as usual as we could possibly want. So when we saw the Moonleaf logo on a space in front of OLOPSC a few days before the store opened in it's new site in Marikina, we were beyond ecstatic!It literally is just a couple or (five) streets away from Girlfriend's house, and the hospital where she works, so, double yay! :)

Moonleaf Tea Shop - Marikina

Girlfriend ordering my favorite: Wintermelon Milk Tea (she got the Hakka Milk Tea)

The Marikina branch is patterned after the original one in Magiting St., minus the blackboard where the menu is written in (in colorful chalk s'yempre). Same white tables, black countertop and splotches of green color here and there. Plus, they also have the freedom board (cork board) where customers can post messages and what-nots from pens and paper they can get from the counter. Oh, a word of advice - if you plan to stay long, bring a cardigan or a shawl, or something if you easily get cold. :)

Anyway, it was a really really fun afternoon. Hoping we could do it again sometime this week, *fingers crossed*, if, of course, schedule permits. Sheesh to adult life and its accompanying stress. But yay to adult life and the paycheck that comes with it.

Oct 21, 2011

Winning on the web

Researching on a keyword I was assigned to write about led me to a website which had this pop-up:

so, I'm 1,000,001?

Don't these pop-ups usually say "You're visitor number 1 Million!" or "You're our 1 Millionth visitor!" I just can't help but LOL at this. I can't say enough apologies for visitor number 1M as, apparently, I am OVER him/her. :D

Oct 20, 2011

Of music, cups, scribbles, and puffs

Got in early at the office today. Meaning, I will be listening to awesome music from my friend Erika. She sits in the station diagonal (?) to mine and she plays some of the really good music I've ever heard in my...life (?). I want to ask her the entire contents of her playlist but I guess that would be too much. :D

I don't think I'll get any work done this early with too much good music - it makes my mind wandering off to the land of creatives. La lala lala.

Photo courtesy of Lock

Now I'm dreaming of Starbucks Christmas coffee cups. And cold Christmas nights. And my pen on their tissue papers, scribbling, scribbling, scribbling. 

**By the way, I'm looking for Starbucks places that has designated areas for ahem, smokers, like me. Because I refuse to visit and patronize any store that doesn't have one. (And I'm sorry if this irks all the non-smokers out there, but please.) So, if you know of any, please tell! I've only visited the one in San Miguel by the Bay, and the one in Emerald.

Oct 14, 2011

Girlfriend's 25th

For Kacy's 25th, I made reservations at Isabelo Garden Restaurant for the night of her birthday. And we had the entire place to ourselves. With romantic background music, lovely ambiance, polite wait staff, and YUMMY GORGEOUS HEAVENLY food. (And I will not attempt to write the whole evening as God knows I can't write well enough anymore, so here are photos, instead. :)
The birthday girl :)

Isabelo Garden Restaurant
The hungry mastermind ;)
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Ali di Pollo with Bleu Cheese Coleslaw
Tomato and Ricotta Farfalle

Honey Bacon Pizza
Watermelon Sorbet

And the happily busog couple :)


(Will update this with Kacy's 25 shots later. We have to run, she got work in 30 minutes. :)