Oct 20, 2011

Of music, cups, scribbles, and puffs

Got in early at the office today. Meaning, I will be listening to awesome music from my friend Erika. She sits in the station diagonal (?) to mine and she plays some of the really good music I've ever heard in my...life (?). I want to ask her the entire contents of her playlist but I guess that would be too much. :D

I don't think I'll get any work done this early with too much good music - it makes my mind wandering off to the land of creatives. La lala lala.

Photo courtesy of Lock

Now I'm dreaming of Starbucks Christmas coffee cups. And cold Christmas nights. And my pen on their tissue papers, scribbling, scribbling, scribbling. 

**By the way, I'm looking for Starbucks places that has designated areas for ahem, smokers, like me. Because I refuse to visit and patronize any store that doesn't have one. (And I'm sorry if this irks all the non-smokers out there, but please.) So, if you know of any, please tell! I've only visited the one in San Miguel by the Bay, and the one in Emerald.