Sep 22, 2007

effing day

for the nth time, blogger has not failed to add to my frustrations for today. gad i am so mad. as much as i want to clear my mind of all the negativity i just can't help it. i am in the mood to kill someone right now. not just one actually. two. and i just have no idea what is stopping me. oh wait. baby keisha.

but seriously. it's all about stupidity. why in the world am i surrounded with persons so stupid they don't know the difference of of and off? im even guessing they can't wear socks that match. it's annoyingly painful. seriously.

oh my lord. i just don't know how in the world am i going to go to sleep. i really really want the hell out of here. it's not good for me, much more for the baby. i just feel so full of anger and i'm trying my fucking best to keep it at bay. (hey, i just found out that if i simply say 'mamaru' whenever these people annoy me, nothing comes out of their mouth next. they don't know what mamaru is. good.) and i have not succeeded earlier. i totally let myself unguarded and had my fists talk for me, which resulted to scrawgly marks on my arms. there are too many i can't actually make myself count them, lest i lose my breath over it.

argh. there are still so many things many many many things i can argue about endlessly. but right now i jsut feel so tired. and the 'save now' button reads could not contact so im taking that as a sign from the universe it's sleeping time.

Sep 21, 2007


i have been surfing the net for more than a couple of hours already. and now, i'm trying to customize my multiply site but it turns out its a really really hard process and can be quite frustrating especially if you do not have a fast internet connection.


and i wait. i wait. i wait.


i just realized it's almost 2pm and matt is about to take his exam for this subject in which he hates the prof. seriously, i cannot help but feel super inis at his prof for being so totally...her. basta. i'm not allowed to say anything else about this ever since matt and i had this huge row about this particular thing. it's just that i could not believe there are still people like her who are so deliciously hungry of money and all the power that comes with it. too bad.

.. i'm still waiting for my tabs to load...

finally. i managed to get that multiply site of mine a new look. i guess im such a sucker for things new. i mean, i'm not one to abhor changes. i embrace it. and it feels so refreshing. like when i got my blog all "lighted up" or something to that effect.

Sep 20, 2007

bored mommy

it's a thursday morning and i woke up at 5.30am so that i could give the money to matt to buy us tickets for the ateneo's uaap game this sunday. and now i'm stuck in front of my pc wasting time while waiting for matt to get home and get dressed and go to school. i've also uploaded some pictures on multiply - pictures taken a way way back.


i've been surfing the net for quite some time now and it's still not 10am yet. the release of thetickets at araneta is 9am kasi and im estimating na it'll take him 30mins to get the tickets and 30mins to travel back home. and i'm bored waiting.

Sep 19, 2007

september birthday celebrant no.1

today is my dad's birthday and i have not yet greeted him. but see, it doesn't really matter that much to him because he is not one to get mushy over something like this, even if it is his 50TH birthday. anyway, he didn't go to work today and just practically slept the whole day, waking up only to eat and now, he just went out to buy dinner, which i think is either of the two: 1, our annual take-out birthday dinner at max's (consisting of pansit, chopsuey, fresh lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, more more friend rice, salad, and of course, who could forget the chicken?) or; 2, a homecooked pansit with overflowing topppings you'd be so full with just one spoon. and of course, cake and ice cream. this is actually how we celebrate birthdays at our house. if the birthdate falls on a weekday, we do the above mentioned celebratory dinners. or, if it falls on a weekened, we'd have all our relatives from my father's side of the family to have this huge celebration. and for th e month of september, i have two titas, one tito, my dad and myself as celebrants. and since my birthday falls on the last date of the month, that's always when the celebration is. a typical filipino family set-up, like what matt always says.

speaking of matt, he was here a while ago. he was supposed to just pass by before going to school but on the way here he received a text from his classmate informing him today's class was cancelled so we ended up spending the day together, watching tv. i was supposed to go to qmmc for my check-up but the rains poured just when we were ready to go out and so i decided i'd go tomorrow. matt is with his classmates at this moment, playing basketball. oh wait, no, they just stopped playing. i heard the court was reserved for 4-6pm and it's already 6.22 so i guess they're done. i really really wanted to come with him and watch him play (i am so his biggest fan!) but whe found out there were no benches for me to sit on prettily while watching him so he said he'll be dropping by again later this evening.

oow. eish just made one of his "waves" haha. it's really cute. i just am so excited to see her na. i so can't wait to see how she would look like! of course, she'd be pretty like her mom and very healthy like her dad. (xempre sakin daw galing ang kagandahan. vain!)

Sep 18, 2007

my day, then some.

finally finally. after four attempts i managed to log-in to my blog account. finally. it really gets frustrating everytime i try to create a new post. i always always have trouble opening the blogger site and when i finally get there, my thoughts have gone poof! and as is obvious, i haven't written for quite some time now, making me much too much too bad of a blogger. anyway, here i am.

first things first matt didn't go to school today because he wanted badly to watch the uaap game between the ateneo and de la salle (a game which, unfortunately, la salle won). but way before watching the game on tv (again, unfortunately, we weren't able to get tickets due to the fact that according to the phiippine star broadsheet, the battle for the second spot would be this coming thursday and i pointed out to matt that i read from my multiply site that it was going to be held this tuesday so he researched and sadly, i was right. and we were late), we had planned on going to the sss diliman branch to process our ss id applications. the entire thing took us almost three hours. we got there by 10.30am and already, we were faced with such a long line and we had to wait in line for 2 and a half hours before getting our form evaluated and our pictures taken. plus plus plus, what made it excruciatingly painful was the fact that it was super bagal. seriously. they assigned four counters for the evaluation and they have only two counters open. then, for the data capture, they have three stations for it but only one station was open. how convenient. still, we managed to get it all done at around 1.30pm.

but after our lakad at sss, i still had to get my lab results from qmmc. the results were to determine the hepaB thingie complications. i couldn't really understand what the results read but there was a word there "non-reactive" and i'm taking it to be a good sign, i guess.

so finally, finally, after all that, we headed home and ate lunch (lechon paksiw, yum!) and took a bit of a rest before having our butts stuck on the couch and our eyes glued to the screen. and we watched the game. it was a sad loss but nonetheless, i still believe. this is the hail mary team. one big fight. what happened was la salle was just hungry for the win. they wanted it more. but i really have this gut feel that ateneo will get through this. 5 straight wins? no sweat. well, a lot of sweat, blood, and faith. one big fight.

now i don't want to end this post as is. of course, there'll be updates on my baby. well, she's been super likot. really. and i love it. i love every bit of it. although, of course, sometimes it gets really painful but what the heck, she's just trying to wriggle her way out. who am i to argue? pero not now baby ha, not muna..wait pa tayo for a few more weeks. oh, and also, i'm super inggit with matt. recently, we found out that when matt kisses my belly, eish sort of kisses back. and i'm really inggit. huhu. but matt tells me he's the one who's more inggit kasi eish is already inside me and i can feel her every move as compared to him, who only get to feel (and see) pieces of eish's moves. he even wishes it could be the other way around, like, him having to carry the baby in his belly and all. and it's really sweet.

i am so blessed to have matt with me. everytime we go to church and light a candle, or even just when i feel the urge to pray, i always am thankful first for matt before wishing for his safety. i just feel so blessed and i really think i wouldn't be able to get through with all this if not for him. even if, at times, i get mad and frustrated and throw it at him, i know he knows that i still love him. pero nakakainis din kasi that i spit really hurtful words and all i can say for it is i'm sorry and i really am but it tugs at my strings so bad. but like what he always says, it doesn't matter. he knows how i love him and he knows those words were said just in my angered state, therefore the words does not meaning anything at all.

10.57pm. still no text from matt. he and his groupmates went to ict ortigas to do a survey about the company's health insurance provider, in relation to their thesis. i am a bit inggit. ok. i am very very inggit. they get to do all these wonderful school stuff. and i just miss school. school is so fab! and now, i'm not part of it. but hey, no worries.

sigh. before i get into ranting about not being in school, i have to wrap this post up. my thoughts on school reserved for the next post.

Sep 12, 2007


my blog finally has a new look. well, it's technically not new but it is refreshingly light, no? sadly though, it's getting a bit late for my sleeping standards. seriously, eish is like kicking me nuts just to get me to bed. my baby's sleepy. so of course i have to obey to her every whim seeing as how it gets very painful once i try not to. but it actually benefits us both, the early sleeping time, longer time frames to do a lot of exercise (which is very limited to walking and some stretching), fruit cravings, calcium-infused chocolate milk drinks...the list goes on. and before i never get to hear (feel) the end of it, i'd better slack off.

sigh. you feel my blog breathe? breezy.