Sep 19, 2007

september birthday celebrant no.1

today is my dad's birthday and i have not yet greeted him. but see, it doesn't really matter that much to him because he is not one to get mushy over something like this, even if it is his 50TH birthday. anyway, he didn't go to work today and just practically slept the whole day, waking up only to eat and now, he just went out to buy dinner, which i think is either of the two: 1, our annual take-out birthday dinner at max's (consisting of pansit, chopsuey, fresh lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, more more friend rice, salad, and of course, who could forget the chicken?) or; 2, a homecooked pansit with overflowing topppings you'd be so full with just one spoon. and of course, cake and ice cream. this is actually how we celebrate birthdays at our house. if the birthdate falls on a weekday, we do the above mentioned celebratory dinners. or, if it falls on a weekened, we'd have all our relatives from my father's side of the family to have this huge celebration. and for th e month of september, i have two titas, one tito, my dad and myself as celebrants. and since my birthday falls on the last date of the month, that's always when the celebration is. a typical filipino family set-up, like what matt always says.

speaking of matt, he was here a while ago. he was supposed to just pass by before going to school but on the way here he received a text from his classmate informing him today's class was cancelled so we ended up spending the day together, watching tv. i was supposed to go to qmmc for my check-up but the rains poured just when we were ready to go out and so i decided i'd go tomorrow. matt is with his classmates at this moment, playing basketball. oh wait, no, they just stopped playing. i heard the court was reserved for 4-6pm and it's already 6.22 so i guess they're done. i really really wanted to come with him and watch him play (i am so his biggest fan!) but whe found out there were no benches for me to sit on prettily while watching him so he said he'll be dropping by again later this evening.

oow. eish just made one of his "waves" haha. it's really cute. i just am so excited to see her na. i so can't wait to see how she would look like! of course, she'd be pretty like her mom and very healthy like her dad. (xempre sakin daw galing ang kagandahan. vain!)