Feb 28, 2006

keeping silent still

it all came down to chicharon. yes, the blown-up fat of a pig. hehe. anyway just wanted to tell you that.

ok. what people, who know me (and who actually notice my blog), might think is that i haven't written much about the current crisis in our country which was the cause of the 2-day suspension of classes from all levels in manila. i am not going to be a bitch and just ramble on about how cliche-ish everything that's happening is.

i still am not breaking my silence. no matter what people say, i know what i know and i stand for what i stand. critics be damned.

Feb 27, 2006

i want food

i want food. a went to ourhouse earlier and i invited him out because i wanted to eat. and we've walked around st. joseph's church from anonas complex and back without any results. see, im very picky when it comes to food. not the picky-picky-i-dont-want-to-eat-that-picky. im the kind of -picky-i-dont-know-what-to-chose-between-all-these-foods-picky. and now im hungry. i ate breakfast yes, but not lunch. so you see, i have a right to be hungry..right?

anyway, as i was surfing the net i decided to yahoo!search food and tadaa -
Image hosting by Photobucket

BURGERS. well, during our walk, we saw streetfood Image hosting by Photobucket and i so wanted one but then there were lots of people in line and i so wanted to eat already that's why we were forced, actually i forced him to walk the other direction and continue our search. BUT to no avail.

and now im stuck with pictures of food and ive yet to decide among which to stop my stomach's grumble.

wait. i know. burger machine's got the best burgers and coleslaw...well, the best tehre is in this small expanse of intertwined streets...but...im tired of walking. and i don't want to ask a to buy me a burger from BM. he's also tired, i know. sigh.

i want food. ahh...glorious food, come to me!

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Feb 25, 2006

for a

i never thought id ever say this to anyone at this point in my life. ive always thought id end up singled out as the worst ever companion in a romantic relationship. but then a came..and everything changed.

a, even though we've had numerous misunderstandings, countless arguments about mundane things...im still here. i love you still. and i know you know that. i just wanted to remind you for always just how it feels liek to be with you.

yesterday afternoon was one of the most heartful and fulfilling cries ive ever had. thank you for reminding me it's ok to shed tears even for a short while. thank you for reminding me it's ok to cry, as in all out snot-dripping, bucketful of tears cry. thank you so much. i have much trust in you. i have much trust in what you can do. i have much trust in who you are.

im here a...for forever.

gathering grey

im tired. and not just tired tired. im tired.

do you know how it feels to be so frustrated and so regretful? i didn't know it felt so bad. i mean, if i did, i would have tried to at least prevent it from happening right? i mean, there you were, highly expecting of such wonderful things to happen...highly expecting of such an exciting adventure...highly expecting of a great day...

but the clouds turned grey. and im left blue.

pero db ngkakarainbow naman after ng rain?...ay, di pla nagrain. nag grey lang..

Feb 24, 2006

new template

as can be seen, i again have changed my template design. but hey, that doesn't mean i didn't like what kl gave me (ehe). it's just...im so undecided about this blog of mine. actually...well, never mind.

anyway, just wanted to say that. and by the way, i promise i am gonna post the vday part 2 as soon as i can. swear. (smoile).

luv u much a!

Feb 23, 2006

film review. finally

i just finished my film review paper! yay! it was due last week actually. but i had lots of problems with it because i so wanted things to be organized before i do something so, i thought, before writing this thing, id first read up on all those theories and make a list of it so as ccontinuous writing na. but to my dismay, two days before the due date, i haven't read all the theories and much more make a list of it. then to my frustrated surprise, the theories weren't included in the paper, only the models. so un.

anyway, a is here already so ill just continue this...whenever. hehe. ay! ung part two pa pla ng vday celeb nmen. bsta tuloy ko next time.

who's a?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -matt

haha! -lor

Feb 22, 2006

v-day part 1

i know, i know. i haven't posted for such a long time already. actually, i had plans of posting an "Open Letter to M" last valentine's day but then there were so many things to do so there. but we still had such a lovely v-day. actually, the day before, we were cramming pa xe we thought 'hala, ano n ibbgay ko sknya and all' i told him xe i wanted three red jellyace-s and ung letter na basta...letter. but he didn't want na yun lang..so he was trying so hard to come up with a gift. well, you had to understand, that was the very first time we'll be celebrating v-day together.

anyways we went to powerbooks at gateway, to watson's then to papemelroti at alimall. he was already getting so tired so when i wanted so much to go to blue magic, i just told him to take a rest at the food court and just wait for me there. when i got to blue magic, surprise!i found this Über cute stuffed bear named 'applemint' (who we later renamed as botchog) which has, wouldn't you know it, the biggest tummy for a bear his size?! and he was the only one left on the display. so instead of going for what i first planned (cake and a poem), i bought botchog and asked for him to be put in a paperbag so as m couldn't see it. on the way home, he was trying in vain to take a peep at the papaerbag but i was fast so he had no idea what the bag contained. he even thought it was a stuffed basketball. after that tiring day, we went home and took a rest since we were still meeting early the next day to attend mass at ust.

the next day, we met at such an early hour i had to, again, lie about where i was to go to my parents because they know i have no early classes for tuesdays. after going to church, we separated ways and decided to just meet up at 7-11 españa, near st. thomas square by 11am. because he SAID he still has to look for his gift. so i on the other hand, thought it would be nice to really, celebrate the day with a cake so i bought a choco cherry torte cake at goldilocks and was already at 7-11 by 9.30.


Feb 5, 2006

i love you for God-knows-how-long

i just finished playing dota with matt.. and im currently changing the outfit of his avatar on yahoo so im letting him write here for just this once.

actually, i don't know what i should write here because im not into blogs and other stuff like this.. hala byh, sori po.. bsta i just want everyone to know how much i am in love with loreen.. i rili dnt know why up to now........

so aun.. i got stuck up with that last sentence so i asked her to take a look at what ive written.. enxa po tlga byh... cge n nga kaw nlng kausapin ko.. so aun.. byh, im so sorry for what happened earlier.. i know that you are still mad at me... im really really sorry... bati n po tau.. ndi ko po sinasadya.. haiii... lam mo nman po n ndi ko kaya n wala k db? as ive said, mas kelangan kita kesa s khet anong bagay including a once in a lifetime game 7 basketball match.. sorry po tlga.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..


so, sweet or super cheesy mushy? well i don't care what you think, of course. i just want the whole world to know that i have a truly loving boyfriend who is, albeit sometimes insensitive and may seem not to be appreciative of the things i do for him (hmmm...), always there for me no matter what. and, i will always be in love with you. i will always stay in love with you, regardless of all the things the world has thrown our way.


you know what? he typed that thing above for the time it took for me to create 5 favorite avatars for his email add AND create 3 for mine. teehee. it didn't annoy me at all. i was actually pleased to know he's taken time to carefully type things he wanted to say to me, afraid of small imperfections, of small mistakes..and it was just sweet. :)