Feb 23, 2006

film review. finally

i just finished my film review paper! yay! it was due last week actually. but i had lots of problems with it because i so wanted things to be organized before i do something so, i thought, before writing this thing, id first read up on all those theories and make a list of it so as ccontinuous writing na. but to my dismay, two days before the due date, i haven't read all the theories and much more make a list of it. then to my frustrated surprise, the theories weren't included in the paper, only the models. so un.

anyway, a is here already so ill just continue this...whenever. hehe. ay! ung part two pa pla ng vday celeb nmen. bsta tuloy ko next time.

who's a?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -matt

haha! -lor