Feb 22, 2006

v-day part 1

i know, i know. i haven't posted for such a long time already. actually, i had plans of posting an "Open Letter to M" last valentine's day but then there were so many things to do so there. but we still had such a lovely v-day. actually, the day before, we were cramming pa xe we thought 'hala, ano n ibbgay ko sknya and all' i told him xe i wanted three red jellyace-s and ung letter na basta...letter. but he didn't want na yun lang..so he was trying so hard to come up with a gift. well, you had to understand, that was the very first time we'll be celebrating v-day together.

anyways we went to powerbooks at gateway, to watson's then to papemelroti at alimall. he was already getting so tired so when i wanted so much to go to blue magic, i just told him to take a rest at the food court and just wait for me there. when i got to blue magic, surprise!i found this Über cute stuffed bear named 'applemint' (who we later renamed as botchog) which has, wouldn't you know it, the biggest tummy for a bear his size?! and he was the only one left on the display. so instead of going for what i first planned (cake and a poem), i bought botchog and asked for him to be put in a paperbag so as m couldn't see it. on the way home, he was trying in vain to take a peep at the papaerbag but i was fast so he had no idea what the bag contained. he even thought it was a stuffed basketball. after that tiring day, we went home and took a rest since we were still meeting early the next day to attend mass at ust.

the next day, we met at such an early hour i had to, again, lie about where i was to go to my parents because they know i have no early classes for tuesdays. after going to church, we separated ways and decided to just meet up at 7-11 españa, near st. thomas square by 11am. because he SAID he still has to look for his gift. so i on the other hand, thought it would be nice to really, celebrate the day with a cake so i bought a choco cherry torte cake at goldilocks and was already at 7-11 by 9.30.