Nov 24, 2009


it's still here. yes, you are. and i did try to push all of it away. i really did, and i am still trying. 
it's just hard drowning in tears  you know you didn't want to shed. but they fell anyway, no matter how many times you try to force them back in, they would always find their way out.
it's never been the same. i want to say i'm doing just fine. i want to know i am doing just fine.
it's  hard to stay and see you still. memories i didn't know i could keep come rushing in.

i just want to say goodbye and really mean it.
but i don't think i can, as of yet.

Nov 21, 2009

inconsistencies and inbetweens

you occupy me,

your pen moves
and i wonder if you're
my words or writing my name
on air./

you sit with spread arms and
i wonder if you mean
come hither to./


you stutter your way

you wound your way



past me.

Nov 19, 2009

stars and satellites

i learned about satellites just a few weeks ago,
so i always made it a point to count them when i'm out.

i asked for 5 satellites.
i saw six.


i saw another shooting star today.
i just saw one yesterday.

and yes, i wished on both.

Nov 18, 2009

post hiatus.

yay, i just found out blogger is not a restricted site. here at the office, i mean.


ilavit. as such, i'll be able to update my blog. finally. after what, hmm..7 months?


my blog is on life support because of that facebook. tss. i'll keep you alive my dear berry baby. superhug.