Feb 27, 2006

i want food

i want food. a went to ourhouse earlier and i invited him out because i wanted to eat. and we've walked around st. joseph's church from anonas complex and back without any results. see, im very picky when it comes to food. not the picky-picky-i-dont-want-to-eat-that-picky. im the kind of -picky-i-dont-know-what-to-chose-between-all-these-foods-picky. and now im hungry. i ate breakfast yes, but not lunch. so you see, i have a right to be hungry..right?

anyway, as i was surfing the net i decided to yahoo!search food and tadaa -
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BURGERS. well, during our walk, we saw streetfood Image hosting by Photobucket and i so wanted one but then there were lots of people in line and i so wanted to eat already that's why we were forced, actually i forced him to walk the other direction and continue our search. BUT to no avail.

and now im stuck with pictures of food and ive yet to decide among which to stop my stomach's grumble.

wait. i know. burger machine's got the best burgers and coleslaw...well, the best tehre is in this small expanse of intertwined streets...but...im tired of walking. and i don't want to ask a to buy me a burger from BM. he's also tired, i know. sigh.

i want food. ahh...glorious food, come to me!

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