Sep 22, 2007

effing day

for the nth time, blogger has not failed to add to my frustrations for today. gad i am so mad. as much as i want to clear my mind of all the negativity i just can't help it. i am in the mood to kill someone right now. not just one actually. two. and i just have no idea what is stopping me. oh wait. baby keisha.

but seriously. it's all about stupidity. why in the world am i surrounded with persons so stupid they don't know the difference of of and off? im even guessing they can't wear socks that match. it's annoyingly painful. seriously.

oh my lord. i just don't know how in the world am i going to go to sleep. i really really want the hell out of here. it's not good for me, much more for the baby. i just feel so full of anger and i'm trying my fucking best to keep it at bay. (hey, i just found out that if i simply say 'mamaru' whenever these people annoy me, nothing comes out of their mouth next. they don't know what mamaru is. good.) and i have not succeeded earlier. i totally let myself unguarded and had my fists talk for me, which resulted to scrawgly marks on my arms. there are too many i can't actually make myself count them, lest i lose my breath over it.

argh. there are still so many things many many many things i can argue about endlessly. but right now i jsut feel so tired. and the 'save now' button reads could not contact so im taking that as a sign from the universe it's sleeping time.