Dec 1, 2005

new pcs

hah! ue has just got their computers in the internet rooms upgraded...and i am having the time of my life surfing the net. they've already got all the windows in xp mode, plus..their cpu's nice and sleek, too. it's really about 5 inches thin. ill try to get the model, wait. acer veriton 3700GX.. i don't know if that's the right name but that's what's written on it's side panels chenelou.

so there. i was just browsing through my list of friends in friendster and i realized i've completely forgotten some of them. bad bad. also, ive completely forgotten people really do celebrate their birthdays.. the reason i had to send dozens of HAMBERDAY make up for my amnesia.. :)

so there..ive still got 3 hours left before my class..bummer. i just wish these new pcs can be downloaded with yahoo messenger. mas mabuti pa ata ung bulok nilang pc pwede dun eh.