Dec 6, 2005


ok so my page could not be displayed by this obsolete computer. i know, i know, i just gave this newly-installed pcs praises last week but im craving for the old pcs back. why would they not open my page? how am i supposed to know if this post im creating will actually appear on my "lost" page? grr.

by the way, ive opened an account at ko na ang matt sa matalarana hehehehe...also, ive visited kL's page yesterday and i have high praises for it! nice i swear..oh and another thing, she's doing "mosaics" for a cheap price...i don't know anything about that mosaic thingie...but since she asked me to tell people about it, o decided posting it in my if people read this no?

but seriously, kL!! ano ba ung mosaic?ung libro sa english ng ue na ngaun eh kumakalat na sa ibang university within u-belt na napakamahal para sa presyo niya na kung tutuusin eh puro review nga lang naman talaga?? sigh.