Apr 3, 2005

yadno...w8...it's yadsuet n pla...

i am currently chatting with my bestfriend beans, whom i haven't spend that much time with. but i guess we (her, me and rons) pretty much made up for it if you consider those two whole days we spent together when i visited them last week. ah i really miss them.

oo nga pla, im using matt's net card...thanks 'tol bawi me nx tym... :)

anyways, i wrote this poem after i read ung song ng phantom of the opera na all i ask of you...w8 post ko lang...

please tell me that you need me
each morning and each night
and forever yours i'll be,
we'd experience no more darkness,
only light.
please tell me that you love me,
that's all i ask of you
say you will take care of me,
you'll take away my blue.
i need you here beside me
you know that i do.
let's share one lifetime,
one love that's true.


i can't stop thinking about elyon and our missed chances. sigh. maybe ill write about it...maybe i won't. pero...if ever anyone's reading this...i just have to tell you man, i miss her like damn crazy.