Jan 20, 2006

i miss. i miss.

ok. so ive changed my layout for like, 4 times already?..wait, no. this is the fifth time. im still waiting for kl to polish the "requiem etcetera".. sigh. *thanks kl! muah!*

anyways, i was actually planning on playing dota earlier but since the pcs are still malfunctining, tadah! i decided to refresh my blog so as i can put another post.

so there. ive been thumbing through my friends' pictures and profiles at friendster and ive realized how much ive missed them. especially my bes-es in baguio. *huhu* im really hoping i could get back there soon. i mean, go there for a vacation and visit you guys. aww.

btw, i read ate huni's blog and there was a post she copied on dadi pete's blog which is about thanking her and all. it was sweet. if you've ever met dadi pete, jusko! di mo aakalaing xa gumawa. hehe. miss you 2!

i miss tabak. ive learned so much. i was taught so much. dont worry, ipinapagpatuloy ko pa rin ang sining ng masa kahit sa maliliit na paraan na kaya ko. mahal ko tabak.

aww. i suddenly have the urge to just leave my things unpacked and trek back to baguio (with matt, of course).

sigh. im overwhelmed with...i dont know. miss-sickness? sigh.