Jan 6, 2006

i want a new template..HELP

ok. i sooo want to make a mosaic on my own. swear. because processing the pictures and sending them to kL is going to take such long time and i really want to give it to him as soon as possible. aside from that, i want my gift to be made by me. get? i really really want my gifts to be personalized. especially gifts for him. sigh.


so there. it's friday. as if you don't already know. and it's my pe.e day! *frustrated sigh* at the start of the sem i was really excited in attending my p.e. class since hello?! it's badminton?! then now...i dunno. i guess the excitement died away when we were forever hitting that tiny cock back and forth while the sweat was gripping my whole body tighter and tighter til i can't breathe and...aaakk! oops.

where can i find user-friendly sites that showcase delicious templates? i mean, i know there are tens to hundreds of sites for that but i can't find anything that will suit my disorganized blog. wait. maybe i just can't do all those blog designing stuff. heeeelp!