Jul 25, 2011

I am

back. I've always been meaning to write more here. And whenever I attempt to create a post for three consecutive days, I'm pretty sure what would follow next are empty promises of "write you later" or "will blog more later." thus, I've realized how relative the term "later" and "sooner" is for me. 

I'm sorry. I'm a big pathetic sad and lazy excuse for a blogger. Considering I've started rambling here for, I dunno, the past 7 years? Oh, okay, almost 7 years - it's just July 2011 so I'm 2 months shy of that 7th year celebration of sorts for this blog.

Also, notice how I keep on referring to this blog as "this" and not "my" blog? I feel I'm doing some sort of betrayal by using the former but I just can't help but think how so many things have changed in my life...that this blog was not privy to. But I promise to try to change things.

Blogger has been so good to me and this blog has been a constant companion through those tough times in my past. Let me make it up to you. Starting with this post.