Jul 26, 2011

One of the

things that I'm truly thankful for because of the internet are links to LGBT books, authors, poets and article/essay excerpts. I've been spending almost the whole half of my shift (because, really, based on my work log, the longest I had to spend for my tasks this day was 0:40 minutes) on Autostraddle.

It's "News, Entertainment, Opinion, and Girl-on-Girl Culture" at it's finest. I'm yet to discover everything on the site but from the articles I've read, I've been getting a lot more insight about lesbian current events and lesbians-to-read in pop culture and not.

I especially love Pure Poetry Week under The+Goods section and Books section under Arts+Entertainment. It's a struggle to look for lesbian poetry books and fiction/non-fiction books here in the Philippines. Looking at the Gay Section in a bookstore gives you rows and rows of gay literature, specifically targeting the "G" in the LGBT community. Rarely do you find Philippine Lesbian literature.

In my 23 years of living, I've had a glimpse of 2 lesbian books (both from friends), one lesbian-themed children's book (found on the internet) and was able to buy just one - Women Loving (stories and a play) by Jhoanna Lynn Cruz. Though short, it was a really good collection.

And since it was my first "book" I researched and even emailed the author whom, to my surprise, sent a personal reply back. I felt warm and tingly all over, reading her very kind and welcoming words. (Though I'm not sure I was able to write back. *sad face*)

But I promise I will, in the same way I promised to finally finally write a lesbian short story/poem collection. Cross your fingers for me!