Jul 28, 2011

It's been

a really rainy day. That's why I decided to wear pants to work. I'm usually in a dress or a skirt but this gloomy weather makes me miss pajamas and boxers.

And I would post a picture but since I'm at work while writing this, I can't just plug my phone and upload any photo. I'd be dead even before I get to save the picture. Haha.

Also, because of the rains, girlfriend decided to give me a ride to work. And treat me out for dinner. And wait in the car for 9 hours while I spend the time 17 floors away, writing like a mad man (woman). Ain't she just the sweetest? Lol.

We ate Chelos at Mister Kabab in Ortigas (because trust me, we can never have enough of their garlic sauce) and the place was really clean and cozy. They still have the same tables and chairs like in their West Ave branch but they added cushioned benches by the windows and little sofa chairs. It's just sad there wasn't a smoking area but that's a small price to pay for (again) their heavenly garlic sauce.