Jul 28, 2011

For the past

day, and the past hour, as promised, I was trying to revamp portions of my blog. I started with the little layout adjustments on the "Gadgets" and linking other blogs took most of my time.

Instead of creating a new post - sharing a story, a link, or a picture, I ended up blog-hopping. And it was so weird how a lot of things have changed.

When I started blogging in 2004, most blogs contained a lot of personal stuff. Like posts about what went on in their busy day or musings of a highly-emotional teen. The blogs I was exposed to before contained mostly words, words, and more words. Now, everybody, it seemed, HAD to put pictures with the words. A picture of the street they were at, food they ate, people they were with...it's so cute and fun to see how the blog world has changed.

And lucky me, I also found a lot of blogs on writing, poetry, fast fiction. I'm a confessed word-aholic and I just love love love reading creatives. I sometimes wish I could do just that - you know, get a continuous flow of creatives, of lyric, dying to get out of my system.

I really hope my time for writing isn't up. Please.