Jul 26, 2011

My knees

are shaking and my hands are trembling and my head is slightly aching. We just experienced a really bad earthquake at around a quarter past 1 this morning, Manila time.

We're at the 17th floor of our office. And frankly, I have no idea how to react except to just sit and continuously mumble in my head "Oh God no, please no."

The last time I experienced one was when I was in first year high school. We were in our classroom and at the 2nd floor of our building when the shaking started. Since it was taught during the earthquake drill that we're supposed to wait out the first shaking before going down, we did. And it was the scariest 5 minutes of my life. Plus the fact that our teacher told us, while holding one of my classmates' hands: "If we die, we die." Not really at all assuring when heard as a 13-year old freshman.

Anyway. We're all jut hoping there aren't any aftershocks. I'm really really scared. All I could think of was Kacy. And how I don't have her hand to hold.