Jun 21, 2012

Late lunch date

Picked girlfriend up from work today and brought her a Hakka Milk Tea from Moonleaf. I tried their new Apple Yogurt Milk Tea but I think it's a but fruity for my taste. It will do, but it's no Wintermelon.

Anyway, after surprising girlfriend, we decided on eating at Cafe Lidia. It felt like forever since we dined out. And because we were starving hyenas, I wasn't able to take any photos of the food (to awaken the hungry green-eyed monsters in you teehee). We devoured Lidia's famous Buffalo Wings, Pasta Bolognese (angel hair), and the House Special pizza. We also ordered Grandma's Chocolate Cake and Sansrival for dessert.

We'd like to think girlfriend and I are now able to work a system re: eating out. We will be sharing a pasta and a pizza or a main entree and an pasta, etc. It will all be about sharing from now on. I mean, yeah we also shared food before but we were very extravagant when it comes to dining out when in fact, we can make do with lesser spend rates and lesser fats and calories to take home.

So there. And oh, lookie what I saw on the newspaper - Heat, James take crucial 3-1 lead. And look at that sad sad sad look on girlfriend's face. Hihihi :)