Jun 21, 2012

Vacation hangover

The real world still hasn't sinked in. My body is physically here, in bed, lying around and waiting for sleep but my mind is somewhere else. Every time I look at the clock my thoughts race back to the exact same time in Boracay, a couple of days ago, yesterday... and then the whole scenery transports me back like an old movie.

I haven't even started unpacking.

Girlfriend already left for work earlier which is lucky for her because even when she thinks back into the carefree vacay, she got work to distract her. Unlike me, I am stuck in the room and willing, well, begging, actually, my body to start moving and stop thinking. But I can't help it. Well, at least, not yet.

In a while. In a bit. In an hour. In a day.

Hangovers just always suck. They are suckity suckity suck suckers. Blech.