Jun 20, 2012

That's a wrap

Finally got home. We stayed at naia for a lot longer to grab lunch before heading to the departure area so we won't have to pay all that extra for a non-metered fare taxi or the 70 peso flagdown rate taxi with 4 pesos per 300mts. And we got a cab almost instantly.

Unfortunately, we got stuck with a cab driver who I think didn't realize we knew the way home. Plus, he didn't know how to brake properly. I didn't feel like throwing up on the plane but the cab ride home makes me wish I had taken probably about 3 bonamine tablets. So, instead of going straight home, gf and I stopped by Starbucks in BluWave and had a couple of drinks. And it did make us feel a bit better.

Oh and also, WE FORGOT OUR TOOTHBRUSH AT THE HOTEL. We laughed about that a lot because while we were in the lobby and the crew was checking on the room, they asked us whether we wanted to still take the food we left but they didn't ask about our toothbrushes. We thought that was them telling us our brushes look so worn out that we intentionally left them there. So there.

Anyway, I am dead beat like seriously and I can't type well anymore. So good night for now, I guess.

(Btw, girlfriend bought me a pink capdase for my iPod - something she promised 3 months ago- and screen protector [shit I typed screensaver before correcting it to screen protector] 'cause I kinda scratched the old one. So new case, yeah, yay!)

Sleeeeeeeep is here. Will try to post something new tom.