Jun 20, 2012

Post anniv getaway day 4

It's almost 6am and in a few hours we'll be getting ready to say goodbye to this beautiful island.

But let me just tell you about yesterday. Parasailing and a day at the police station. Well, not an entire day but just a couple of hours cause the good guys over at the station resolved everything quickly. And by the way, they are some of the nicest, sincere, helpful, and thoughtful policemen we've met. Really no comparison with the ones we have back in Manila. But anyway, PARASAILING.

It was scary at first but when we were hoisted up so freaking high (we got to see at least 3 of the beaches in Boracay, I think) it was a kind of high any alcoholic drink or drug can get you. Well, no not exactly, it was that kind of high minus the hangover and headache. Oh wait well a bit of the headache. We both got a little tipsy when we got down. But hey, worth it to see all that - with my best friend.