Jun 25, 2012


Saturday -
Went to Coal with the team to celebrate Bill's 22nd. Had half a bottle of San Mig Green Apple then went straight to the hospital to pick girlfriend up from work. Headed to Save More to buy some groceries then went home. Slept before 6 pm.

Sunday -
Picked girlfriend up from work, ate lunch at home, had coffee and cake at Cafe Lidia, then had a bottle of San Mig Light at Yholk's.

Monday -
Cooked pasta and chicken for brunch. Argued over whether to rest or go out. Went to De Rivier Cafe in Lilac for coffee and cake. Talked about work and jobs and career. Bought asthma meds and too many breadsticks at Mercury. And now at home, trying to sleep.

Quite an eventful weekend, even for us two. Thanks, girlfriend!