Sep 11, 2012

At 5 am

So I haven't posted anything lately. And it's actually good for me irl. Because the lesser the time I spend online means the more time I get to spend doing anything with a pen and a paper offline. Okay, not really.

Gaah. I just want to post something to make my blog look a wee bit awake. It's 10 minutes past 5 in the morning, the girlfriend has been asleep since midnight, I still haven't started on the 20 articles I'm supposed to be writing and the 10 I'm supposed to be proofreading (although the gf said she'll help me with that - and a bit on the writing too), I can't sleep, I want to smoke, and I can't think clearly.

Okay that last one was a lie. My thoughts actually seem to get a bit clearer in the wee hours of the morning. Blame it on the past night jobs. Or the monthly girly pains.

Oh well I hope I get to write more about that insanely "clear" mind of mine next time. Lemme try again to sleep.