Nov 13, 2012

A quick love note

We've been together 29 months. You're cooking your special creamy tomato pasta for breakfast-brunch-lunch. And I say I'm working on one of the articles I need to submit later. But I just want to write this quick love note to let you know a few things:

You're a very beautiful person. You constantly bring out the best in every single man or woman whose lives depend on your care. You touch other people's lives so wonderfully, and yet you remain ever so humble.

I have known you ever since our high school days. And although my memory gets foggy sometimes (like who initiated first contact, who started writing whom, why we became "bes"-es in the first place), I can still remember the way you made me feel before. All the kilig, the kulitan, some tampuhan

Over the years I have known so much about you. About how you like your noodles cooked, about how you like your work clothes to fit. About how you like your hair to look like. About how you sleep. about how you hold the ball when you shoot. About how light the pen moves on the paper when you write. About how you like to take care of everyone you love. About how you like to make funny noises when animating stuffed toys, or just about any non-living thing, or living things that cannot speak for themselves. About how very little toothpaste you use. About how you can't keep surprises. The list just goes on and on.

And you know what? Despite knowing so much about you, you just continue to amaze me every single day. You're the strongest, most patient woman I have ever known. Know that I will always love you, in every way I know how, forever & ever & ever.

- bes