Nov 14, 2012

A sleepless night and a song on repeat

I have the Up Dharma Down song Tadhana on repeat.

And I can't stop listening to all the possibilities, the unwritten words just ready to come out any second the next note is played.

But I have nothing.

All I have is an endless stream of thoughts I can barely grasp. No,

I can't even stay still for a couple of seconds to try to comprehend the things I keep stressing about.


just when I thought I had a few phrases I can try to piece together,

they flow. They fly away.

And I force myself to focus on the song.

And when I find the words that speak to me,

I wish

that somebody's willing to listen just as much to what I can say in writing.

Even though I don't know it yet.

"Ba't 'di pa sabihin
Ang hindi mo maamin
Ipa-uubaya na lang ba 'to sa hangin
huwag mong ikatakot
Ang bulong ng damdamin mo
Naririto ako at nakikinig sa'yo."