Nov 27, 2007


i'm just stealing some time away as i type furiously on this keyboard while boyfriend dearest holds baby keisha in his arms. aww. such a sweet sight. and true enough, nothing ever really did prep me up for what is in front of me. (at my back, actually, since im facing teh computer screen while they're standing behind me, watching tv.)

it's seriously overwhelming having to see my two most loved persons in each other's company, in total and unmistakable peace. and these are rare times, i tell you. baby keisha can drive anyone crazy once she has one of her colic attacks. i admit, i do get a bit inis at times, more to myself, of course, for not being able to soothe any pain that might be the cause of her incosolable cries. but all in all, the intensity of the feelings her smiles and comfort brings far outweighs the scary thoughts of not being good enough for her when she cries.


oops. i now have her in my arms. suko si daddy mattie, she weighs 3.9 kgs already, imagine! a 1.7 kg growth in her weight after a month. i have to go now, she cried again and i had to pass her to matt again and i really really have to go now.