Nov 21, 2007

a real blessing

eish and i went to the hospital yesterday for her weekly pedia checkup. we went there by tric because it's near our place and besides, her dad didn't give us enough money for a cab ride. plus, it's realy hard to get a cab in our place. the enarest where we can get a cab is somewhere which already so near teh hospital it'd be stupid to even ride one.

anyway anyway, when we got to the hospital, i paid the manong tric a 20peso bill and he asked his friend to exchange the bill to get me my change. while waiting for his friend, he asked if my baby was a boy or a girl. i said she is a girl. then he told me how lucky i am to have a baby already because he and his wife have been trying to have one for 11 years now. i told him the time will come and he will just have to wait some more. thenhis friend came and i got my change.

all the way to teh pedia's room, i kept on thinking about what he said and it just dawned on me that no matter how untimely keisha's arrival was, i am still so very lucky. matt and i are still so very lucky because not everyone can get to have babies in their entire lifetime. and now i get to appreciate keisha more nad more (if ever that's possible). amnd everyday i feel more how much of a blessing she really truly is.

to be honest, not everyone would be all-smiles when they get first-hand knowledge of my daughter. some would even cringe and say, hey, aren't you too young to have a baby? or ahve you even finished your schooling, little girl? these things really tug at your heartstrings and make you think and look back on your past and it also makes you wish sometimes for the past to be back and take you with it. but i guess, now, i don't feel like that anymore.

i won't be plastic and say how very ultimately wonderful life has been after giving birth. i mean, it really hasn't given me enough sleep, enough time, enough anything. but i'm not complaining. it's been equally fulfilling (gehlo's word) and i just can't get enough of eish.

keisha has been such a blessing to everyone. to me, to matt, to our families. and i'm very positive with her future. matt and i promised to give her the best of what life has to offer. and we'll try our best to fulfill that promise to our little angel. after all the blessing she has awarded us with - her smiles, her laughter, her firm grips, she definitely deserves it all.