Nov 30, 2007

bad mommy case #1

(a repost from yesterday afternoon)
My bookmarks page has gone awol so i decided browsing the web for some mommy blogs. Ever since i became pregnant, i got fond of reading other mom's thoughts and even had teh capability to understand the way my own mom thinks. i guess that's just what happens when you experience how it is giving birth and all the other insanities that came with it.

so anyway, i found this mom diary wherein she had a monthly update of her son's activities. posted there are stuff like, her son's first smile, first laugh, first word, and a lot more. then i became inggit. sobra. i suddenly felt like i missed out a lot on putting what keisha has done and is doing on writing. i felt embarrased at having only two journal entries ever since keisha arrived. but tehn i realized, as i was reading other mommy blogs, i have a lifetime filling up pages with her. for now, i'd try to cherish every single moment i have with her. especially now that i'm returning to work in more than a couple of days.

yes, i am going to pursue this job offered to me. i already turned a couple and more and i think i just can't keep on turning them down. as time passes, eish is growing bigger and taller and her needs have now come in large quantities - her formula milk, her diapers... and we just can't afford her pedia anymore if i don't start getting paid bi-weekly. besides, this newest job offer is simply too good to pass up. i just have to do time management and drink lots of supplements to not amke me cranky everytime i need to be dearest-mommy.

oops. eish is wailing for her milk bottle!