Aug 28, 2005


don't know why i didn't come
-norah jones

yes. i got that song as a background music. sigh.

i feel as empty as a drum
don't know why i didn't come

insensitivity ticks me off. i know i should learn to be more patient. i know i should learn to be more understanding. but can anybody tell me how? i mean, it's so frustrating having to explain every damn thing! i mean, can't you be a bit more sensitive? it's hard pretending evrything's okay. it's hard wearing again this suffocating mask of smiley faces when i thought i could long last...get rid of it and just stuff it away in some trash bin full of garbage that sooner or later the garbage man's gonna come for it.

your casual goodbyes
by the chill in your embrace
the expression on your face that's shown me
baby you might have
some advice to give on how to be


staring blankly into space. drowning in a sea of faces. i want to be a swan that's full with grace. i want to own a dress full of lace. kim possible. pasta edible. ube crinkles. rainbow sprinkles. world on fire. cross a wire. change post. party host. birthday cake. beautiful snowflakes. terrible speakers. great singers. pitter-patter. shiver-shatter. raindrops gumdrops. dewberries frootees.

there will be no white flag above my head
i'm in love and always will be.