Aug 3, 2005

as was promised

ainaku...meron na akong nigagawa kgbe na post tpos s gitna ng isang napakahabang litanya ukol sa paboritong topic nmen ni ate dilaw eh nag-hang ang computer ng gowee...bad noh? i was saying (like 5 hours ago...wait, no, 14 hours...), it dawned on me that my posts has gone from "sighs...i feel tired...i am so down..." to "haha..ahihi...smoiles...matt this...matt that..." it is so's like i always turn into a big glob of jelly whenever im with him. i know what i mean?

this just must be can i possibly explain why i suddenly turned into a mushy Hallmark greeting card, when, for the longest time, i would have bet everything i own, everything i have to prove that there is no such thing as a non-platonic unconditional love between two persons (of the opposite sex or not) unrelated?

add to that...i seriously am almost always in the mood to cuddle...and not just anyone, mind you...loving just comes so easy for me now...haha...i am so in love...damn everything and everyone else who dare scrutinize "i"...loving is just pure bliss when it's a matt sandro jacob aquino you love. it is.

"Love is love's own reward."