Aug 4, 2005

damn that long-haired girl

pvt i officially sucks...nice. the attendants were not so attendant and the computer was pretty lousy...grrr...tito juuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyways aun...nanggigigil ako sa majal you po...hai hai.

i really have no idea how to thank the entirety of heaven for having matt.i am so the luckiest person alive. (well maybe except for him...*wink*)

omg!!! he's like the most handsome guy there is. i just love it when he looks at me that!!!! aaarghh...omg!! it's this close to my being described as a hungover lovesick puppy. (wow...from a greeting card to a puppy...have you ever seen such transition?)

so there...aaaah!!!! especially for you! especially for you!... (though i liked the original version of the song...juris' will suffice)

i was about to get back into a bloodthirsty lifesucking creature from down under but thanks to the recover post feature of blogger i was able to get back to my sane self.

anyways...before this obsolete computer decides to shut down again (for the nth time actually), id better wrap this post up... i reread the post and i sounded like a schizophrenic moment i fell this a moment later i fell that...haha...schizo...yep...i am.