May 15, 2005

at long last

at long last i was able to open my blogger account....bwahahahahahar...okay. there. anyways, here are some updates:

*i am tutoring Literature to incoming grade six students of different public schools and hopefully would-be scholars of ateneo, st.scho and miriam.

*i am also tutoring declamation to three incoming first year students. the piece? I Demand Death. it's about a slave who killed his master and demands death for what he did... tibak na tibak. :D

*i already have the book...the one i lost??..hehehe...but i've no idea when we're going to baguio...sigh.

*i am currently addicted to watching memories of bali...hahahahahahaha!!!!

* oh! and bestfriends, too!!

*....i'm tired.

so there. i'm tired and i don't know why but i just got tired all of a sudden...i know, i know....i'm weird. *smiles*