Mar 22, 2005

sudden addiction to dragons

i was a serious fan of HP way way back. well, i mean, don't get me wrong, i still am in love with that half-Muggle, half-wizard doer of all goods and archnemesis of you-know-who. it's just that i wasn't so absorbed in it like i was before. anyways, as i was going through some of the clutter i brought home from baguio, i came upon this printed copy of "Drakonidae by Rhyssen." it was one of the very first fanfics i've truly enjoyed and it was because of that that iw as able to write my very own fanfiction entitled "Iris." anyways, i've decided to post the poem from Drakonidae. and here it is, enjoy!

-eric hansen

have you ever looked in
the eyes of a dragon
seen their heart,
and known their soul?

have you ever seen
the stairsteps to heaven
that within them reside,
and show their bright role?

do you know their songs,
their ancient harmonies
do you know their past,
and their wisdom hold?

can you hold the world
in the palm of your hand
and with storm-worn wings,
curl and enfold,to heal the world,
to show the way,
and be a banner unfurled
to the light of day?

this is the dragon,
a creature of light,

no, they are not gone,
just taken to flight.


i was once so scared of dragons, i mean, everytime, they were used to depict evil scary monsters, fire-breathing killers who destroys everything that gets in their way. but after a few years of arts and literature, a few months of psych and philo...and one poem from Rhyssen, dragons are so much more than what we give them credit for.