Mar 23, 2005

i have no idea what time it is pro im not sleepy. which is weird. i haven't slept all day.

btw, i got my tooth extracted earlier today...i mean, yesterday n pla...gawd what time is it naba???

anyways ive been chatting with mama gen and matt for how many hrs na...4 ata and mam gen just left so its only matt and i now...we're exchanging pix and stuff....hey man, 5-4 ang score s pool! hehe...we've been playing pool xe, ung game s ym...hai hai...if actually not for him i would have just slept i guess im a sucker for having somebody around. you know, my being a scaredy-cat at night. sigh. brain's running low on its fuel. i have to gas up but i don't wanna make another cup. besides, i think i already emptied the thermos. oh well, there's still that one stick to look forward to. good thing i had it in me to reserve one stick. hehe. trust me when it comes to yosi. with regards to other stuff? handle them! so down lately. and it's f*cking sad that i haven't written any poem for like how many days already?...w8 has it been a week? ahh! i have no idea! grr. you know what, no matter how my poems lacked real depth, i still cling on to them as if theyr'e life-preservers. well, actually they are, for me. i mean, only i could fully understand what these poems meant and when i look back and read them, i feel a teensy wave of nostalgia hit me and kablam! i am sent into the past. hey, wait. if my poems can trigger these stuff in me, maybe there's still hope i can convey the feelings in them better!...hmm...wishful thinking.

okai...matt is now offline. so now im left. well, with a lot of bloggs to visit and a lot of thoughts to put into writing. well, maybe i should turn in for the night. ciao pips. night! i mean, morning... :)